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Our equipment and products are known for their in-built quality and we continuously review our systems and processes to ensure we stay at the forefront of the industry.

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Farmworld technologies Limited has since 2018, strived for exceptional quality, innovative designs and dependability in its agricultural mechanization and products commodities. This has made the company become a reliable and recognized within the agricultural industry of Nigeria, as well as beyond its borders. We constantly research and seek development packages for farmers that ensures that farmworld farming and agricultural products remain at the reliable with the current technology, both in new product design and in the development of existing models. Satisfying the equipment needs of farmers based both locally in Nigeria and abroad has always been a top priority.

With years of expertise, a passion for the agricultural industry and a commitment to manufacturing superior farming implements in Nigeria, Farmworld Technologies Limited is the answer to all your farming and agricultural equipment and farming needs.

FarmWorld Engineering offers a wide range of equipment for farming:

  • Agro equipment, Farmworld technologies offer for sale or rent a wide range of agro-equipments that meet industry depends and standard of efficiency for small middle and large scale farming and production businesses. Our equipment includes;.
  • Rice milling and processing equipment
  • Oil press machines
  • Various planting and harvesting machines
  • Solar Irrigation pump
  • Various processing and production machines
  • Weeding Machines
  • Various categories of tractors
  • Cow milking, processing, and slaughtering machines
  • Poultry production and processing equipment
  • Fisheries production and processing equipment
  • Seedlings, Farmworld Technologies have in stock various hybrid and quality seedlings for farmers.
  • Agro Chemicals, Farmworld Technologies have in stock various range of agrochemicals. These agro-chemicals includes;
  • Fertilizers, Soil Conditioners, Pesticides, Insecticides, Herbicides, Fungicides, Algaecides, Rodenticides, Molluscicides, Nematicides
  • Logistics, Provision of Logistics Services- Warehouse, Transportation etc.
  • General Contracts, General Contract Services including Procurement, Supplies & consultancy.
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