1.Introduction 2AMSU Flat Type Cassava Planter with high working efficiency are good for large-scale mechanized planting cassava and receives great reputation from overseas for its excellent working performance. The Cassava Planter can finish the whole planting procedure. The cassava planter can finish ditching,fertilizing,cutting and putting cassava stem for sowing, covering soil, vibration pressure processing at … Read moreCASSAVA PLANTER-2AMSU(FLAT TYPE)


1.Introduction MSU1600 Cassava Harvester with high working efficiency are good for mechanized large-scale cassava field. The harvesting machine can be attached to a standard tractor with double power output device. The working width of cassava harvester is 1600mm, so the harvester can harvest two rows while the row space is less than 70cm. And the harvester can … Read moreCASSAVA HARVESTER

Power Tiller

1.Multi-purpose countryside supervisor can connected with lots of farm tools which can realize many different functions. 2.Handrails can be adjusted high and low, left and right sides, so as to adapt to different work environment. 3.Compact structure, beautiful appearance, small volume, light weight, fuel consumption is low, the power is great. 4.New type mini tiller … Read morePower Tiller

Screw Oil Press Machine

1. Application : It’s widely used for pressing sesame oil , sunflower seeds oil , peanut oil , rape seed oil , castor oil ,cotton seed oil ,soybean oil ,walnut oil , almond oil , pin nut oil ,flax seed oil etc ,alfalfa seed oil . 2.The high efficiency energy saving oil press machine of our company is designed with advanced technology, reliable performance,  easy operation, easy of maintenance, the main features of the machine are below: (1)High oil extraction rate: compared with traditional equipment, its normal oil extraction rate can be 1-2% higher, can press out 1-1.5 kg more each 50 kg on average,so the economic benefit of full year is very appreciable. (2) Energy saving:under the same capacity,the power is 40% lower,6 KWH energy saving per hour. Labor saving:Under the same capacity, it is 60% labor saving, to be able to organize manufacture by 1-2 persons. Model 6YL-60 6YL-70 6YL-80 6YL-100 … Read moreScrew Oil Press Machine

Palm Oil Press Machine

Introduction: 1.Palm Press structure is reasonable. It is easy to operate and maintain. It can be fitted with motor or diesel engine. Every day it can process palm fruit 3-5T.It is the first selection for palm Oil producing customers. After the production is developed you can increase many the same Press.. 2.New type of Palm Oil press is suitable for 3 ~ 15 hetre area Palm farmer self running. The Palm oil press can press the Palm fruit, and get the primary oil mixed with palm cores, water and marcs. After separation by other machine, the primary oil, palm core can separate.The final oil is edible red oil.

Small Rice and Wheat Reaper Machine

Brief introduction:

This harvesting machine matched with the walking tractor, with a rugged, light weight,mobility flexible, simple and convenient operation of labor saving, low cut stubble, not pressure are summarized, and from the ridge away from the crop row spacing and the advantages and restrictions. Widely applicable to the size of the harvested crop land,especially for the harvest of muddy land.

2. Usage of rice wheat reaper:

1.The machine is a kind of man-holding & self-propelled harvesting machine.

2.It is mini/small wheat rice combine harvester that used for harvesting/cutting rice & wheat, soybean, forage grass,etc, very convenience for farming.

3.It can be widely applicable in the plain, mountain, hilly areas, upland, sloping field, patch and the area where the traffic is not very convenient.

Capacity0.32-0.41 acre/H
PowerGasoline engine
Cutting Height50-100mm
Cutting Width900mm
20GP55 sets

Excellent capacity corn maize cutting harvesting machine

Brief introduction This corn cutter developed by our company bears new design, adopting domestic first-class mechanical drive and hydraulic drive technology, and it is easy to control and operate. It integrates the picking, conveying, peeling, packing and straw crushing as a whole, meeting the needs of users in different regions.  Technical parameter of corn cutter Model CH-2 CH-1 Cylinder 4 1 Dimension 4850*1450*2600mm 3950*910*1460mm Weight 2680 700 Row … Read moreExcellent capacity corn maize cutting harvesting machine

New types of rice milling machine with 4 models

Brief introduction of rice milling machine    This model is special small scale equipment for paddy rice processing .It is composed of feeding hopper , paddy husking unit , separating unit for brown rice and chaff ,milling unit and air jet blower ,etc . We have 4 types of SB series rice mill machine,that is,SB-05,SB-10,SB-30,SB-50. Different types … Read moreNew types of rice milling machine with 4 models

Combined harvester machine for wheat and rice

Brief introduction of wheat rice harvester and thresher    Self-propelled combined harvester integrates walking, harvesting, cleaning and threshing as a whole, and is driven by the diesel engine.   People can sit to work and it is very convenient for farmers. It has good maneuverability, easy movement, and high production efficiency. The crop will enters the drum to be threshed after harvesting, which saves … Read moreCombined harvester machine for wheat and rice

High capacity sprayer with gasoline engine for farmers

Brief Introduction 1.Our new design knapsack gasoline sprayer is mainly used for  farmland pest controlling, forestry trees, and agricultural rubber trees. 2.This gasoline sprayer also can be applied to sanitation epidemic prevention (disinfection of large-area sites such as vegetable farms and garbage dumps). 3.It has lots of advantages: Low noise, large capacity, high pressure, long range, time-saving, labor saving, fuel saving. … Read moreHigh capacity sprayer with gasoline engine for farmers

Chaff cutter and grain crusher machine

Brief introduction 1.Chaff cutter machine can cut the stalk of beans, corn, wheat,alfalfa, etc. for breeding cow, horse, sheep, goose, chicken ,duck and other animals 2.With light weight and wheels , it can be easy to move 3.It can work with 2kw motor or small gasoline engine for place where lacks electricity . 4.The machine is suitable for chopping all kinds of … Read moreChaff cutter and grain crusher machine

4 types of automatic corn maize shelling threshing machine

Hot sale corn sheller in our company, TY-80A, TY-80B, TY-80C, TY-80D, all are equipped with high capacity, that is, 4-6t/h. Corn thresher machine is mainly composed of feeding hopper, internal threshing and rolling device,air separation system including elevator, fan and chaff absorber, vibrating cleaning screen, frame, transmission system etc. Corn threshed by this machine is very clean without impurities … Read more4 types of automatic corn maize shelling threshing machine