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Get top-end filter performance with low maintenance. The single-piece base/tank is constructed of fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene for improved strength and chemical resistance. The manual air relief valve and continuous internal air relief work together to maintain optimum filtration efficiency at all times. The unit's innovative clamp ring design makes it easy to remove and rinse the cartridge, and the cartridge's surface is designed to block and trap as many solids as possible. 11/2" drain and washout allow quick and convenient maintenance, and 2" plumbing provides maximum flow.

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•High-efficiency 1-micron sediment pre-filter, 2-micron carbon block pre-filter
• High-flow/high-rejection TFC membrane providing excellent water purification
• 160-psi pressure gauge and clear 10” filter cartridge housings allow full system monitoring
• Quick disconnect fittings, filter wrench and hose bib attachment are included
• In-line TDS meter and shut-off valve optional
• Plus models with Chloramine Blaster filters

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This is a robust, non-pressurized biofilter that is much less sensitive to flow rate variations and power interruptions than fluidized bed sand biofilters. When operated in low-head recirculating systems, it can easily be sunk into the floor to reduce the pump pressure.

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Black PVC sheets glued in a block form 12” x 12” x 48” long . It is negatively buoyant and preferred where loose media is not acceptable.
• Low cost
• Submerged or trickling applications
• Degassing applications

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Design Features
• Innovative flow control protects against friction loss by eliminating unnecessary flow restrictions inside the system allowing greater water flow
• Both an excellent mechanical and biological filter
• Clear sight glasses allow you to monitor filtered effluent and waste discharge streams
• Bottom mounted sludge drain discharges heavy solids without media interference
• Bypass function isolates beneficial bacteria and media without disturbing normal water flow. Ideal for medicating the aquatic environment without negatively impacting the beneficial bacteria.
• High-output blower fluidizes and pre-washes media prior to backwash, reducing the amount of water needed to clean the system, which increases biological efficiency.
• Removable diffuser inlet makes for easy cleaning

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Commercial Filtration Systems provide complete filtration and circulation for larger recirculating applications. These systems are available in a range of configurations with performance and specifications to suit the needs of many aquatic applications. All systems include pump, filter, UV sterilizer, chemical filter, valves and Schedule 80 PVC pipe. They come assembled, plumbed and pre-mounted on durable plastic skids for drop and go installations.

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