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PR Aqua’s fiberglass tanks

come in sizes ranging from small research tanks to 48-foot diameter culture tanks. These tanks can be used in a variety of aquaculture settings. PR Aqua’s FRP laminate provides years of worry-free use. Tank features include:
• UV-resistant gel coat available in standard and customer colors
• Fish-friendly joints and surfaces
• Above- and below-grade installation options
• Ability to modify tanks into header tanks, reservoirs, or fish transport tanks
• Easy, on-site installation with no secondary fiberglass work required

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PR Aqua Combi Tank

is a complete “hatchery system”. The Combi Tank is designed for hatching eggs, first feeding fry and rearing larger fry. You can grow up to 25,000 fry in 3.8 liters (1 gallon) before moving to larger rearing tanks. The tanks hydrodynamics simplify cleaning procedures.

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Insulated tanks are built from ABS plastic sheets with 2" thick insulated walls and bottoms. Ideally suited for research, seafood holding, bait tanks, touch tanks and display tanks. Double-pane acrylic windows (optional) will not "sweat" with cold water. Special sizes (up to 96" x 48" x 36"), colors, tanks with dividers, bulkhead fittings, etc., are available on a custom order basis.
Comes in different models of tank alone or tanks with dual pane acrylic windows a have varying sizes and capacity with the highest capacity of 134 gallons/508 litres.

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These polyethylene, marine blue, open top tanks are economical with long life expectancy. The smooth surface makes for easy cleaning, and their light weight allows for quick set-up and relocation. Edge lips provide wall strength and minimize deformation. Most of these tanks are nestable, which reduces shipping costs. FDA compliant; safe and non-toxic to aquatic and animal life. All tanks have ultraviolet inhibitors for outdoor use. Because they have superior mechanical properties, high stiffness, excellent low temperature impact strength, and outstanding environmental stress crack resistance, they stand up well in tough environments.
With shape varying from round to rectangular and mortar box and comes in models with polycarbonate viewing windows or models without viewing window and water capacity from 55 to 1000 gallons.

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Collapsible Tanks

Easy to assemble
2. Nontoxic, uv-resistant, antioxidative, thermostable, cold resistant
3. Stretch-proof, resistant to stripping
4. Fireproof, antibacterial, acid & alkali resistant
5. Artistic appearence, durable, non-distortable
6. Foldable fish tank for fish farm,koi and aquarium.
Comes in varying size capacities as: 6ft x 6ftx 4ft, 8ft x 6ft x 4ft, 10ft x 8ft x 4ft, 12 x 10 x 4ft and 15ft x 10ft x 4ft.

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