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The Arvo-Tec T Drum feeder has a very high accuracy, whilst remaining at a competitive price. The feeder is multifunctional and is suitable for start feeding in hatcheries to on-growing on tanks, ponds and cages. Specifications
• 1, 6 or 10 litres transparent and 50, 150 or 600 white hoppers
• Standard motor 24 VAC, 11,3 W, 2 rpm
• Granule/pellet size 0,3–8 mm
• Minimum dose of 0,3, 1,5, 20, 45 or 100 g
• Strong, 316 stainless steel bracket
• Accuracy normally greater than 98%

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Improves feed efficiency and saves labor time. One feeding robot serves multiple tanks, eliminating the need for a feeder at each tank. A high feed turnover rate through the hopper prevents storage problems such as feed expiration. Controlled via local programmer or from a PC. Specifications
• Travel speed 18 m/min.
• 24VDC rechargeable battery.
• Optical “eye” to avoid collision.
• Provides 2 feed types from 50-L silos.
• Each robot feeds up to 240 tanks, with a max rail length of 450 m.
• Rail: 80 mm steel I-Beam, INP80, DIN1025
Options include advanced PC control, automatic refilling and feed spreader

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FIAP Auger Feeders are designed to achieve reduced feeding expenditures and improved feed ratios, and can be used both indoors and outdoors . They are used throughout the world in commercial aquaculture facilities, providing perfectly controlled feeding in fish ponds and production plants. They are designed for feed pellets ranging from 1 – 10 mm. It’s blockagefree auger screw is driven by a 12VDC motor and controlled by the FIAP Proficontrol controller.

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Key Features
• Includes Digital Timer and 12V Rechargeable Battery
• Feeds: 1-9 times/day, Run Time: 1-60 seconds/feeding
• Two feed-level sight gauges
• Low profile design for easy filling
• Removable side panel for quick access to blower system
• Straight legs for piers & docks; Adjustable legs for sloping pond banks
• Galvanized Steel Hopper with Powder-Coated finish for rust resistance.
• Easy Lockable Access Door protects timer and battery from elements.
• Dual motor blower design

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These belt feeders slowly dispense almost any dry medication, chemical or feed over a 12- or 24-hour period. If shorter length or intermittent feeding is desired, the conveyor belt can be pulled back halfway or feed can be spaced on the belt. These feeders will reduce labor costs and improve growth rates. Housed in a weatherproof case and powered by a spring-wound stainless steel clock mechanism. Feature corrosion-resistant clocks. All clocks are extremely durable. Setting the feeders is as easy as lifting the lid, pulling back the belt and loading the feed. Repair parts are available and repairs can be made easily on site.
• No electric power required
• Weather-resistant cover
• Thick belts
• Clear clock cover w/ gasket

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This hand-held, manually operated, granular feed dispenser is ideal for feeding fish housed in multi-tank, multi-tier, rack housing systems. Simply squeeze the spring loaded handle and the food will dispense quickly, accurately, and efficiently in consistent doses every time with minimal fatigue to the operator. This feeder is constructed of food grade acetal with stainless steel hardware to prevent corrosion. Only for use with dry, granular feed. Clear acrylic food canister holds 165 cubic cm of dry feed and is easy to refill. Includes two food dispensing discs (small disc dispenses 0.2 cubic cm per pull and large disc dispenses 0.4 cubic cm per pull).

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Once-a-day feeder for small ponds, flake food or pellets are dispensed slowly over several hours each day (adjustable quantity and feeding time). This feeder can hold close to 2 cups (approximately 200 grams) of food. Fully weatherproof, it can be mounted on a pole by the edge of the water or suspended over the water. One AA battery (included) required for quartz-timed motor. Measures 63/4" x 33/4" x 71/4".

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Benefit from highly accurate feeding rates and times with these vibratory feeders. They easily handle almost all different feed types (even extremely fine and moist feeds) and they are resistant to clogging from even the oiliest feeds. Perfect for applications where multiple accurate feedings per day would otherwise require a lot of manpower, such as in a hatchery.

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Features up to 24 feedings per 24 hours with a feeder "on" time of 1–59 seconds. The maximum output current is 10 amps, so each timer can control up to thirteen vibratory feeders without the need for an external relay.

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