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Aflatoxin Rapid Testing Kit

Minimum detection amount:0ng; •Measuring range:≥0ng / ml (ppb); •Absorbance range:-0.041~1.999(A); •Concentration range:0.000~9999; •Wavelength:330~900nm (This instrument is only equipped with 450 ± 2 nm interference filter); •Sensitivity:<0.1ng / ml; •Precision:±0.1ng / ml; •testing time:20pcs/h; •light source:LED 3.6V/20mA; •Use environment:Temperature:5~35℃;moisture:≤ 85%; •Bright current stability ≤0.3t(T)/5min; •Dark current stability:≤0.2%t(T)/5min; •Transmission ratio range:0.0%t(T) ~110.0%t(T); •(T) Conversion accuracy:≤±0.004A; •rated power:40W; •Rated voltage:220V±10%,50~60HZ; •Dimensions: 440×250×140(mm); Weight :5.5kg ;

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Moisture Meter

Model : LDS SERIES Product object: grain and other non-metal granular samples, such as rice, corn, wheat, rapeseed, soybean, corn, feed, vegetable seeds, black sesame, sorghum, cotton meal, peanut kernels, rice, etc. Measurement error: ≤ 0.5% of soil (main moisture range) Temperature compensation: automatic Moisture measurement range: 3 ~ 35% Measurement time: 2 seconds Working environment temperature: 0 ~ 40 ° C Net weight: 750 g Dimension: Display mode: LCD dot matrix display

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Fruit Testing Machine

Product Name: Fruit Testing Machine. brief description: 1. Can store 896 Peaks of data. 2. Can output data, analyze the data by connecting with the computer. Display Mode: Digital. NetWeight: 0.6 Kg. Insertion Depth of pressure head: 10mm.

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Soil Water Potential Meter

Product Name: Soil Water Potential Meter.
1. Easy to Operate, Portable, Flexible and can purchase one (1) Set with multi-probes. 2. Automatically collect the peak data of water Potential 3. Record Temperature, water potential, time and storage (Not at the same time)
Technical Parameters:
1. Max Load: 100kpa
Resolution: 0.01kpa
Accuracy: +1
Temperature Accuracy: +0.5
Probe Quantities: 3

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Seed Testing Equipment

Seed Test Equipment

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Tester for Pesticide Residue

Product Name: Tester for Pesticide Residue.
Brief description: 1. It can test Pesticide Residue, Nitrite/Nitrate, Sodium formaldehyde Sulfoxylate, Sulfur Dioxide, potassium bromate, Total Acid in vinegar, Insecticide, methanol, protein etc.
Testing Range:
Vegetables, Fruit, Tea, Milk, Soy Sauce, Edible Oil.
Power Consumption: 150watts

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Soil Fertilizer Tester

Product Name: Soil Fertilizer Tester
1. Power Consumption: <5w(DC)
2. Size and Weight: 410mm x 320mm x 180mm, Weight: 4.7kg
3. Testing Speed: It takes about an hour when testing fertilizer, Ammonium nitrogen, Phosphorus and potassium.

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Plant Physiology instrument

Plant Physiology instrument.

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4 in 1 Pesticide Residue Analyzer

PRODUCT NAME: 4 in 1 Pesticide Residue Analyzer
FEATURES: 1. Power Consumption: <5W
2. Heating Power: <100W
TESTING ITEMS: 1. Heavy metal in the food
2. Pesticide Residue in the food
3. Nitrate and Nitrite in the food
4. Formaldehyde, Sulfoxylate, Sulfur dioxide.

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