Power Tiller

1.Multi-purpose countryside supervisor can connected with lots of farm tools which can realize many different functions.

2.Handrails can be adjusted high and low, left and right sides, so as to adapt to different work environment.

3.Compact structure, beautiful appearance, small volume, light weight, fuel consumption is low, the power is great.

4.New type mini tiller is direct connection transmission mode, which reducing the power loss during transmission, make more power for tilling.

5.This mini tillage can save oil, save manpower, save time and effort, improve the output of the crops in busy harvest season, has good economic benefit, adapt to the large area popularize,

suitable for dry land and paddy fields.

6.The mini tillage machine is a kind of auto multi function machine, which can be used in used in tilling, ploughing, weeding, seeding, fertilizing, pumping, spraying, opening ditch, ridging, and trenching as well as other farm working, very convenience for the farming.

7.This mini tillage machine is the most ideal agricultural management tools for the scallions, ginger, potatoes, strawberry, cotton, peanuts,as well as other economical crops. It is applicable

 for the large field, greenhouse, fruit garden, hilly, mountain and small plot, very convenience for the farming.

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