MSU1600 Cassava Harvester with high working efficiency are good for mechanized large-scale cassava field. The harvesting machine can be attached to a standard tractor with double power output device. The working width of cassava harvester is 1600mm, so the harvester can harvest two rows while the row space is less than 70cm. And the harvester can dig up all the cassava roots and without damage. Thus this harvester will greatly increase working efficiency and decreasing root damage rate. It saves labor force and cost. Cassava harvester sells well and receive praise in different districts like Southeast Asia, Africa, including countries like Cambodia, Thailand, Ghana, D.R Congo, Tanzania, Angola and so on.

2.Main Technical Specifications

TypeHarvesting and Farming
Harvesting Row2
Fixed Power90-120HP
Working Speed2.1-6.7km/h
Working Width1600mm
Working Depth300-400mm
Fuel Consumption19-22L/h
Turn Radius6300mm
Minimum Ground Clearance300mm

3.Working Performance 

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