Small Rice and Wheat Reaper Machine

Brief introduction:

This harvesting machine matched with the walking tractor, with a rugged, light weight,mobility flexible, simple and convenient operation of labor saving, low cut stubble, not pressure are summarized, and from the ridge away from the crop row spacing and the advantages and restrictions. Widely applicable to the size of the harvested crop land,especially for the harvest of muddy land.

2. Usage of rice wheat reaper:

1.The machine is a kind of man-holding & self-propelled harvesting machine.

2.It is mini/small wheat rice combine harvester that used for harvesting/cutting rice & wheat, soybean, forage grass,etc, very convenience for farming.

3.It can be widely applicable in the plain, mountain, hilly areas, upland, sloping field, patch and the area where the traffic is not very convenient.

Capacity0.32-0.41 acre/H
PowerGasoline engine
Cutting Height50-100mm
Cutting Width900mm
20GP55 sets

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