Excellent capacity corn maize cutting harvesting machine

Brief introduction

This corn cutter developed by our company bears new design, adopting domestic first-class mechanical drive and hydraulic drive technology, and it is easy to control and operate. It integrates the picking, conveying, peeling, packing and straw crushing as a whole, meeting the needs of users in different regions. 

corn harvester
corn harvester
corn harvester

Technical parameter of corn cutter

Cylinder 41
Dimension 4850*1450*2600mm3950*910*1460mm
Weight 2680700
Row 21
Cutting width1135mm650mm
Row spacing420-890mm/
Max cutting height2120mm/
Minimum distance from ground150mm200mm
Working speed2.2-5.0km/h/
Capacity 0.15-0.3hm2/h0.05-0.12hm2/h
Fuel consumption Less 25kg/hm2/
Peeling rollerSpiral rubber rollerSpiral rubber roller
Peeling device8 peeling roller4 peeling roller
Shaft distance2300mm/
width of straw returning to the field930mm/
Wheel distanceFront wheel(1200mm)Back wheel(1300mm760mm
corn harvester

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