Chaff cutter and grain crusher machine

Brief introduction

1.Chaff cutter machine can cut the stalk of beans, corn, wheat,alfalfa, etc. for breeding cow, horse, sheep, goose, chicken ,duck and other animals

2.With light weight and wheels , it can be easy to move

3.It can work with 2kw motor or small gasoline engine for place where lacks electricity .

4.The machine is suitable for chopping all kinds of feed stuffs such as grass, hay, grain straw, wheat straw, corn stalks, peanut pods, ground quails, etc.

5.It is the mechanical equipment for most rural farmers and small or medium-sized feed processing plants and can be used by pastures, paper mills, and medicinal plants as well

6.The cutting length of the grass can be adjusted according to customer’s requirement

chaff cutter
chaff cutter

Technical parameter

Power3kw motor,gasoline engine or diesel engine
Capacity500kg/h for crushing grain, 1500kg/h for silage,700kg/h for dry straw
Weight 110kg
Size 1200*1100*1630mm
chaff cutter
chaff cutter

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